Program & Project Management

Today, more than ever before, federal, state, and local agencies, and commercial enterprises confront major challenges associated with complex and changing requirements, technology, and stakeholder dynamics. Program and project delivery depends on effectively addressing budget constraints, sometimes unrealistic expectations, and intense scrutiny. The key to success is reliable, state-of-art support and systems to manage data from myriad sources to facilitate team collaboration, support efficient scheduling, and provide a single cohesive view to inform complex decisionmaking and reduce risk.

The Weris Value Proposition

Weris offers wide-ranging expertise to help clients implement best practices in program and project management systematically and rigorously. Consistent oversight, attention to detail, and innovative problem-solving are hallmarks of our services. Weris program and project managers come to each project with deep experience, a necessary qualification to successfully address the unique problems each project faces.

We provide expert management for the full program and project lifecycle or for a discrete segment of that lifecycle. Choosing Weris ensures the successful delivery of projects large and small, taking advantage of critical decisionmaking tools and oversight of project plans and activities to meet performance criteria and mitigate risk while avoid costing and schedule overruns.

Weris’s Service Offerings

Weris offers a range of services to support program and project management:

  • Full lifecycle program and project management support—including initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and control, and closeout.
  • Focused project support—management of traffic operations, traffic planning, Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) technology deployment, and testing and quality assurance/ quality control programs.
  • SharePoint support—development, implementation, and management of sites to support decisionmaking, team coordination, and documentation development.
  • Communications support—writing, editing, and production of technical transportation documentation and publications.
Client Success Stories
  • Technology program manager for a large state regional operations center. Weris oversees, coordinates, and facilitates all technology projects, initiatives, and operations. We manage implementation and deployment of ITS/IT initiatives and projects; coordinate planning, scheduling, risk mitigation, and approaches for initiatives; coordinate and manage resolution of technical issues; as well as manage day-to-day transportation operations center (TOC) technology-related operations for IT systems and networks. Weris also establishes necessary contracts and support services to ensure technology continuity of operations.
  • Program manager providing comprehensive publications support for a typical annual output of 100 technical transportation publications. Services include project management, editing, writing, graphics, and production. Products include technical reports and briefs, pamphlets, displays, exhibits and signs, web management and development, annual publications, video and multimedia presentations, brochures, and writing for periodicals.
  • Project manager for implementation of an advanced traffic management system (ATMS) in a major metropolitan area. The ATMS software collects a vast quantities of real-time data from various field devices, such as CCTV, ramp meters, loop detectors, and weather sensors. Services include requirements review and management, software design review, systems and integration testing, user training, and migration planning. Weris also leads day-to-day operations and maintenance of the existing ATMS modules. Responsibilities include system enhancement planning, scheduled backup, coordination with internal and external parties, and support for system administrators and users.
  • Project manager for SharePoint site implementation. Weris experience includes using SharePoint to support functions such as project/task management, idea/innovation management, correspondence tracking, team collaboration and information sharing, procurement, budget development, and project invoicing and payment. We use SharePoint capabilities to form a cohesive view of disparate, standalone systems. Visualization of data through dashboards of customizable grids, calendars, flash charts, maps, gauges, and other techniques is a built-in capability of our SharePoint platform. Weris often partners with third-party providers of SharePoint products to help save organizations time and money in designing, implementing, and using SharePoint.