Advanced Information Systems

Weris understands that agencies, organizations, and enterprises of all sizes are increasingly reliant on information technology (IT) to support their core missions and provide superior services to their stakeholders.

The Weris Value Proposition

Weris brings a business-centric, practical approach to implementing and supporting advanced information systems for a wide range of applications, helping organizations stay focused on their core competencies, not on IT.

Our experience spans all facets of today’s IT systems requirements, including:

  • Business and technical requirements gathering and analysis
  • Systems architecture
  • Database design and development
  • Query design and optimization
  • Software development
  • Data analytics and visualization
  • Website construction and web-based application development
Weris’s Approach

Weris uses a straightforward approach to the systems development lifecycle (SDLC) that’s easy for business users to understand. We:

  • Start by understanding the business requirements
  • Document a comprehensive set of use cases
  • Develop a concept of operations and initial meta-architecture for the system
  • Translate this foundational information into functional requirements
  • Establish the systems architecture, develop functional specifications, and document test cases
  • Develop the software and perform unit tests
  • Submit the software to rigorous quality assurance testing
  • Support the initial deployment and manage user acceptance testing
  • Provide ongoing operational support and maintenance
  • Enhance the system based on additional customer requirements

We use web-based tools to manage requirements, development, and testing, which provide customers with whatever level of visibility they desire into the process.

Technical Capabilities

Application Development. Our team understands distributed systems, and web-based and service-oriented architectures. We work with most modern database platforms, programming languages, and tools. Whenever feasible, we will steer customers to integrating and customizing commercial off-the-shelf software and open source rather than developing custom software from the ground up. We believe strongly in rapid prototyping so that customers can experience look-and-feel and functionality before it’s cast in stone. Some of our customers self-host, while an increasing number are adopting software as a service (SaaS) and cloud computing services, an approach we have been supporting for years.

Data Integration. Business intelligence and analytical applications often require the integration, transformation, and aggregation of data from multiple sources. Weris has deep experience in this area and has worked with relational, non-relational, and real-time data sources to build these applications.

Big Data. We can cut through the hype surrounding this rapidly developing area and help customers understand the potential of this cluster-based, intelligent storage, both in terms of cost savings, as well as opening up new possibilities for analytics.

Digital Archiving. Weris staff were pioneers in this arena and can help customers navigate issues surrounding the long-term preservation of digital assets, retaining context through metadata management, and ensuring compliance with any retention mandates.